The Blue Marine Foundation


The Blue Marine Foundation (BLUE) is a UK based charity dedicated to solving the crisis in the oceans by creating marine reserves and establishing sustainable models of fishing.

BLUE is leading a coalition to restore the native oyster to the Solent by protecting resident oysters and substantially boosting the number of oysters in the ecosystem by 2020.

BLUE has spent the past year working with Land Rover BAR, and together have developed and tested an oyster broodstock protection programme in conjunction with MDL Marinas, the Institute of Marine Sciences, University of Portsmouth and the Southern IFCA.


The Challenge

The charity now seeks contributions towards the £250,000 needed to purchase and re-seed ten million juvenile native oysters in the Solent’s harbours, estuaries and main channel.

The Solent’s oyster fishery, which dates back to Roman times, was the largest fishery in Europe for the native oyster, Ostrea edulis, as recently as 1978. Until then, up to 450 boats were catching oysters in the Solent and adjacent inshore waters between Weymouth and Chichester, employing more than 700 men at sea and landing up to 15 million oysters a year.