Join us this year in the Chewton Glen Demonstration Kitchen with a host of regional chefs. Watch, learn and taste as some of the region’s top chefs demonstrate their cooking skills and techniques using the finest local ingredients! There will be everything from fish filleting skills, herb crusted cod, scallops, seafood paella, lobster and more.

Heading up the kitchen is award-winning chef, Harbour Hotels’ Chef Patron Alex Aitken, one of the most renowned seafood chefs in the country who has an incomparable passion and respect for seafood. Having spent twenty five years cooking within the New Forest, including many years running his own Michelin-starred restaurant, Le Poussin in Brockenhurst, Hampshire, Alex has championed simple, seasonal and local produce from the very beginning.

In 2010 Alex joined the Harbour Hotels Group to head up its Jetty restaurant concept. With the flagship Jetty restaurant in Mudeford, Dorset, having established itself as the country’s number one seafood restaurant (recently awarded the coveted title of the ‘UK’s best seafood restaurant’) The Jetty concept now stretches from Devon to Sussex, landing in Southampton last year.

A huge thank you to our sponsors The Kitchen at Chewton Glen. The place to cook and dine by James Martin and to Fisher & Paykel for providing us with the amazing demonstration kitchen.

And to Le Creuset UK for the loan of equipment. To see the full Le Creuset range including their new season colour Rosemary Green….

Saturday 11th August

11-11.45 am Luke Mathews/ Chewton Glen

12-12.45 pm Clover Hudson/ Fisher & Paykel

1-1.45 pm Jane Devonshire/ Masterchef

2-2.45 pm Davina Tibbetts/ Le Creuset

3-3.45 pm Jen Williams/ Naked Jam

4-4.45 pm Kerry Witt/ Chocolate by Miss Witt

5-5.45 pm Clover Hudson/ Fisher & Paykel

6-6.45 pm Davina Tibbetts/ Le Creuset

Sunday 12th August

11-11.45 am Steve Bulmer/ Chewton Glen

12-12.45 pm KJ Noades/ Thermomix

1-1.45 pm Matt Tomkinson/ Montagu Arms

2-2.45 pm Clover Hudson/ Fisher & Paykel

3-3.45 pm Gary Moreton-Jones/ The Fisherman’s Kitchen

4-4.45 pm Clover Hudson/ Fisher & Paykel