Sail 4 Cancer

This year the Lymington Seafood Festival is proud to be supporting Sail For Cancer


Sail 4 Cancer is a UK based charity dedicated to raising funds that are used to provide respite breaks for families who have been affected by cancer

From the moment someone is diagnosed with cancer family life is taken over by hospital visits, treatments, tests, uncertainty, and often, financial worries. For a day or a week, Sail 4 Cancer takes cancer patients and their families away from the disease and the nightmare that they are living through and offers them the chance to rebuild relationships, create positive memories and have some quality fun time together. They do this through sailing days and weekends, park breaks, riverboat adventures, cruises and resort holidays.

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The charity also provides breaks for young carers and their families to give them a chance to experience some of the carefree joys of childhood before going back to their caring duties. Sail 4 Cancer also supports youngsters recovering from cancer by introducing them to sailing to regain their physical and mental confidence. Some of the youngsters who want to learn more about sailing are supported to earn their first sailing qualifications.

In recent years the charity has seen a steep increase in the number of families referred to them by oncologists, hospitals and cancer support workers. As a result they now have a waiting list of more than 100 families who desperately need a break. The funds raised during the Festival will be used to support some of these families to get away from the stress of living with cancer for long periods.