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From its birth as a farm diversification project back in 2008, Hattingley Valley has grown to become one of the leading wineries in the UK, based in rural Hampshire. The Robinson family made their initial steps in 2008 by planting the first vineyard on some of their farmland but had no idea that it would lead to where they are now. Hattingley Valley has a remarkable 600 tonne capacity, eco-friendly winery that was purpose built under the guidance of Head Winemaker and Director, Emma Rice.

Hattingley Valley has quickly established itself as one of the UK’s most successful wineries, winning over 100 medals, 13 trophies, and three Best in Class for its English sparkling wines. It is recognised for its innovative and dynamic approach to winemaking, with award-winning English sparkling wines enjoyed throughout the UK and exported internationally to 16 countries.

Join the team at their bar and raise a glass of award-winning English sparkling wine to cheers Lymington Seafood Festival!

Flint and Flame have become a major player in the UK kitchenware scene with their outstanding range of knives and accessories.

Their luxurious knife range combines exceptional quality, performance and value.

Made from the highest quality German carbon steel it’s used and celebrated by top chefs and passionate home cooks alike. Their knives make a fantastic addition to any domestic or professional kitchen.

In addition to Flint and Flame’s classic rosewood handle range, they’ve recently introduced a new Professional Services range specifically designed for the busy commercial kitchen. Their Tri-ply cookware range was three years in the making and doesn’t compromise on outstanding quality or style.

Flint and Flame believe that top chefs don’t just cook, they create, and every master creator needs the best tools available to deliver the finest results. Flint and Flame kitchenware offers just that.

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New Forest Cottages are the area’s leading holiday cottage agency with a portfolio of pretty cottages, large family homes as well as barns, cabins and apartments. Some have private swimming pools, swings, orchards, tree-houses and even private beaches. Prices start low up to luxury level and you’ll be sure to find a holiday home from home to suit all age groups, budgets and tastes.

In total, New Forest Cottages have 140 properties in and around the region located in the peace and tranquillity of rural forest for gorgeous walks right outside your front door, as well as in towns, and villages frequented by free-roaming ponies. There’s also holiday properties along the stunning adjacent coastline and beaches, most of which welcome dogs all year round for sea-salty walks and swims in surf.

Lymington Gin is the brainchild of Charlotte, a Lymington resident of over 40 years. She recently married Vince Noyce who happens to be co-founder and owner of The Portsmouth Distillery Co. Charlotte was keen to bring a high quality London Dry style Gin to the residents of Lymington and all the lovely visitors to the town. Vince set to work and has produced a very light, delicate ever so slightly sweet and sophisticated Gin, the profile is centred around the Rowen Berry, which is a staple in the New Forest.

It has a wonderfully rich body, finishing quickly on the palate, leaving you refreshed and wanting more. Lymington Gin is brought to you by The Portsmouth Distillery Co. an award winning gin and rum distillery. Come and find out more at this year’s Lymington Seafood Festival.