The Lymington Seafood Festival is organised by Lighthouse Marketing Ltd. We recognise that like every business the events industry has an impact on environment.

We’ve set ourselves some challenges that will reduce our carbon footprint and limit waste that goes into landfill. We also partner with like-minded local or regional suppliers who share our ethos.

In 2022 we added recycling stations to the festival and managed to send 67.5% of all waste to recycling plants to be transformed into something new.

Here’s the key areas for making the festival a more environmentally friendlier place…


Waste is sorted on site by general waste, card, plastics, glass and mixed metals. It then goes through a second screening before being sent off to processing plants.

Any non-recoverable waste is then sent to a ‘waste to energy’ plant. In 2023 4.8 tonnes of waste was sorted with 3.2 tonnes being recycled.

– We’ve also introduced reusable beer cups.

– No single-use plastics are allowed on site and we ask stallholders to use packaging that can be recycled.

– We team up with the New Forest Litter Pickers who help keep the site spotless.


By working with as many local or regional stallholders as possible it reduces the impact on travel.
– Our festival suppliers are based in the New Forest, Hampshire or Dorset which also cuts down on transport.
– By encouraging as many visitors as possible to use public transport, cycle or walk to Bath Road Park.


Serve fresh produce that’s in season.
– Consider produce meeting farm assurance standards, such as New Forest Marque, Red Tractor, LEAF Marque or equivalent.
– Seafood from sustainably managed, local sources and responsible caught
– Ensure the festival provides vegetarian or vegan options and choices suited to specific dietary requirements.
– No plastic straws, cutlery. No polystyrene.
– We print any marketing or event branding on recycled materials. We try to reuse things for future years and work as digitally as possible to reduce printing on bits of paper.