About the Monkey Brewhouse

Every year we go in search of the best local producers. It showcases our little corner of England, helps the local economy and keeps our carbon footprint down.

Festival’s are thirsty places, so we wondered about having a beer that’s perfect for a session in the sunshine. As luck would have it, the answer was at our local pub.

Each year, brewing maestro Will Bradshaw is tasked with creating the perfect pint. To celebrate we produced reusable beer cups, great for the environment and any profits go to support our charity partner.

It’s Beer ‘O’ Clock!

We’ve teamed up with landlord and brewing maestro Will Bradshaw at the Monkey Brewhouse who is tasked with producing a limited edition ‘festival ale’.

They’ve forged a partnership with ‘Two Thirds Beer’ that will to pair excellently with the fish and seafood dishes on offer. Soft and silky smooth IPA it will have a light malt base and a deft touch of sweetness to support the array of tropical hop flavours.